(cutaia) Releases Style Guide for Proper Casing and Stylization

DENVER, July 22, 2014 — To eliminate confusion, Denver musician, (cutaia), announces today an official stylization guide for properly printing his artist, album and song names in publications or storefronts. It is as follows:

It is to be known that the artist name of (cutaia) — as well as any song and album titles by this artist — should be printed using lowercase letters, and that they shall always be enclosed in a set of parentheses.

An example of correct usage would be: “(sunday) by (cutaia) on the album (calculated noise)
Examples of incorrect usage would be: “Sunday by Cutaia on the album Calculated Noise” OR “(Sunday) by (Cutaia) on the album (Calculated Noise)” OR “sunday by cutaia on the album calculated noise

This stylization has a history going back at least a decade prior to this press release and is an artistic choice that expresses how the artist views such names and titles.

(cutaia) is a musician who has been playing and recording experimental alternative rock for 13 years. His first album, (random intonation) will be made officially available in August, 2014, via as well as through other digital distribution methods. His followup, (calculated noise) will be available in late 2014 or early 2015.

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